Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meatloaf for my friend Ditrie on twitter :)


Lean mince , round about 1kg
pinch of thyme
one sweet pepper chopped fine
one onion chopped fine
1 egg
2 teaspoon chutney
2 slice bread
half cup milk
pinch of pepper
teaspoon american or sweet mustard
1tomato with skin off , chopped fine
teaspoon curry
mix altogether and bake in loafdish
 45 minutes

Monday, June 13, 2011

Food mmmmm

 I made this potato with t-bone leftovers and cheese sauce :)
 cupcakes for his work on his birthday .
 cheese and spinach muffins, they came out so nice :)
 busy making meat balls and baked potato, leave the skin on , it is healthier
 check this cupcake out :) awesome , my husband really enjoyed those :)
 soup in the making , veggies and shin from woolies, throw in slow cooker bit of salt and pepper and the most yummy veggy soup :)
 curry steak blocks , potatoe and carrots mmm
 lasagna in the making :)
 I mixed a bag of creamed spinach into the white-sauce it came out so nice :)
 we had some friends over for a barbecue and I made garlic bread and carrot and green salad along with the meat .
 In my slow cooker , the veggy soup in the making :)
 vetkoek and mince , took some to work when I used to work, and the people was crazy about it :)

 whole wheat muffins, they are very nice with cheese on :)
chicken breasts baked in the oven with crumbs, cauliflower and cheese bake and sweet carrot pennies and salad with fresh carrot tomato and avo :)

February 2011 :)

 Marinated this leg of lamb for my dad , he said before I move to Cape town from Pretoria I must make him a cooked meal like my mom used to make him before she died, I made him such nice food and he loved it , I was so happy to see him eating it, I stuff it with garlic and springonions , lemon juice rosemary black pepper and olive oil and marinated it for a while . then I cut two huge onions into thick slices and put the leg of lamb ontop of the onion, it should not touch the oven pan , that is the secret , then it bake juicy in the oven and does not burn, I rinced potatoes, left the skin on and put it in roast pan and then voila , see next photo :)

 My dad could not stop talking how great the food was , made me so so happy :)
 This was healthy burger with wholewheat bun I made for me and my husband , you cut lots of red and green pepper in the meat and it was so so tasty :)
 I made a brown cheese loaf, it came out quite nicely and was delicious :)
a healthier choice is when you use fry's vegetarian polony , it is quite nice , I do not eat the other kind .

cottage pie in the making :)

 these are awesome , just a pity they are a bit to salty , remember not to put much salt when using these :)
 lots of vegetables for the cottage /shephards pie , the underneath a blanket of fresh mashed potatoes , remember to put in a bit of parmesan cheese , then it bakes golden brown :) if you like you can stir into it an egg yolk like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey , they are my heros :)

food :) if you would like my recipe , please sent me a message I will gladly give you the recipe :)

I made shitake mushroom stirfry , it came out so delicious , with pepperdews and chopped spring onions and fat free noodles :)

 Always good to use fresh herbs in your food, dill and parsley mm
 I made chicken breast with salad , cooked veggies , the sauce was mustard with a dash of lemon juice , was so tasty , black pepper went a long so well with that .
 one can never go wrong with home made pizza , fry mushrooms first and cut the skin of fresh tomato , it is much tastier , fresh rosemary and stuffed olives with pimento is so tasty :)
I call this dish , spagbol, spagetti bolognaise for husband's lunch