Tuesday, January 22, 2013

chicken wraps


chicken breasts , no fat no skin 
feta cheese
low fat mayo
pepperdews pickled
pepperdew spice
sweetchilly sauce

cut chicken into pieces and then fry with a bit of olive oil in the pan and then ad sliced pepperdews two to four will do 

brown till cooked, remember the pepperdew spices 

this is really good seasoning and it also has garlic in 

if everything is cooked, chop fresh ingredients with a bit of mayo and sweet chilly sauce  take small block of feta and chop up and mix with fresh vegetables  and roll wrap and cut in two and it is ready to eat , very easy but tasty meal :) 

thank you for checking out my blog 

I just had to come and  edit this a bit , a twitter friend @grasscraig sent me this today 

http://th178.photobucket.com/albums/w251/BRYANT313/th_fish-1.jpg a chicken rapper hahahahaha