Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chicken with crumbs and veggies

I made chicken breasts crumbed in the oven till golden brown ,just a bit of egg white and crumbs from provitas that was crushed in a bag with a bit of beef spice in , black pepper and little bit of salt , you have to season your food otherwise it is bland , the chicken was fully cooked but awesomely moist and tasty inside, the yolk of the egg you can use the following day for an omelette or you can drink it in a smoothy with a banana and a spoon of peanutbutter . I made  zucchini that was steamed with a little bit of Edam cheese grated over them and put in the oven a little bit to melt , then made mushrooms with a bit of spice ontop of that with grated raw carrots and cabbage with a bit of cross and blackwell mayo that was mixed with a bit of sweetener and few spoons of milk . Husband said it was delicious .

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spring time is here and salad are on the menu

Salad with a fan of avocado and chicken patty with mixed veggies salad, always a tasty treat in summer time
 Stuff the chicken breast with baby cream spinach that you made with spinach and a bit of flour till soft and tasty add salt and pepper to taste. roll in egg white and in bread crumbs and bake in oven .
 when cooked make potato salad with lots of springonions in and make fresh salad with raw mushrooms and baby spinach and sweet peppers, cucumber and tomato , it is really delicious

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Made my husband his own granola and then he eats it with plain yogurt, you need big glass bowl, and creamy peanut butter with no sugar added, and then cinnamon and then oats raw and honey , you then add two teaspoon of cinnamon , 6 spoons of peanut butter and then three cups of oats and half a cup of honey , roll it with your fingers till all sticky and oats are in balls, spread out in glass bowl and bake in the oven till golden brown, smell so good, let it cool off and then put in ziplock bag, some will still have little clumps of goodness, ready for husband to take to work tomorrow and eat with his yogurt . 
this is a very good recipe for Diabetics too , just be careful to use not a lot of honey , I used a bit more honey on my husband's granola , I love making these homemade goodness and it does not cost a lot !
I guess you can add nuts and raisins too for a more expensive granola but this is really good and healthy !

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lasagna in the making ...

 I made lasagna when my friends were here from Pretoria and it is a very nice recipe as you use fresh ingredients ,which makes it so tasty , first I took two huge onions and fried them in two teaspoons of olive oil with a little bit of Himalayan pink sea salt , and top it with fresh peeled tomato after a while, skins taken off , I do NOT like tomato skin in food , never did , lots of fresh herb and garlic that is from my herb garden, here you can see clearly how much parsley I used , quite a lot and it is so yummy , then the lean beef mince , I take some Ina Paarman chicken stock and a spoon of been spices and a pinch of black pepper , the result the sauce .
 At this stage you taste the sauce and add two cups of water,add a bag of tomato paste , I do not use the tin ones , I use the small foil packets , I somehow do not like the small tins of tomato puree as it taste funny ... then simmer a bit , not for long as this is a quick recipe, does not take that long .
 Then get the bowl ready and lasagne sheets , I bought a nice one , it was not so expensive , and strangely enough this one is coming from Italy I think :) got this at our local grocery store . I love using the spinach one too, only once I got tomato pasta , it was pink, never found that one again.
Then I make the white sauce with butter , milk and flour and add  a bit of mozzarella to my white sauce , but not much , my recipe does not get cheese on top as I found it to be way oily and then I can not have a small piece . Layer all the ingredients and then last bit of sauce right on top .My husband loves my cooking !

 Layer ingredients and then layer with some more sauce on top, let it stand for an hour and bake in oven 180' degrees. It is quite lovely and very tasty ,even to eat cold the following day .
It is not fatty at all and very delicious , my parents in law love this to bits .
I always make a smallish green salad with cucumber , tomato and green sweet pepper on the side. 

thank you
bona petit !

Poetjanstie's Egg and baked beans on toast

it was so delicious 
slice of brown bread ,topped with baked beans,slice of ham , baked egg, 
slices of tomato on side

delicious , try it !

Thursday, September 15, 2011

lamb pie

 I made my husband some pies ,he loved these , made it easy for myself as I bought ready made puff pastry ,I took two lamb chops, cut off all the fat , cut in smallish blocks and fried it in olive oil with onions and carrots and green beans amongst a little bit of kernels of mealies  nearly the same as i would have made cottage pie , just with pastry on top instead of mashed potatoes and used lamb blocks of meat instead of mince , I guess you can make these with mincemeat too and with chicken and mushrooms, I used chicken and mushrooms before , they came out quite nice.

 I rolled out some dough and then put some ontop of the cute ramekin bowls and then brush a bit of milk over it to make it golden brown . Remember to cut a cross in the middle for the pie to breathe :)

My husband said it was delicious , just a bit difficult to eat out off the ramekin bowls.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meat balls and baked potatoes

I noticed I bought lean mince but lamb mince , first time ever I bought that and did not realized it until I wanted to make mince balls today , I also took three potatoes which I rinced off and then cut in half with the skin  , sprinkled some Ina Paarman green onion spice over them as they are going in with the mince/ meat balls, I hope it is not going to come out fatty :)
strange cooking with lamb mince the first time ever . hope it comes out delicious 

Chopped large onion
pinch of thyme (dried)
handful chopped soup celery chopped coarse
handful fresh parsley chopped very fine
salt and pepper to taste
1teaspoon beef spices
half teaspoon mustard
mixed all together

add little bit olive oil at bottom of pan , roll potatoe face down in oil and put on roundness again with the cut part facing up skin at the bottom , put spices on

roll mincemeat balls in balls and press and roll in the little bit of olive oil
sprinkle a bit of paprika over

bake in the over until golden brown and delicious :)

I made some mushroom sauce to go with the meatballs , my husband loves it when I cook for him :) also made whole carrots with skin and all , just steamed it .

Friday, September 2, 2011

pancakes with chicken breast etc

I got myself this adorable small pan to make my husband pancakes , I usually make him savory ones and they are so tasty .

This is what the pancakes look like  mmmmm

Recipe :

Make pancakes  after you make the filling

two chicken breasts that has been cut in strips
 green sweet pepper strips
onion chopped fine
sweet chilly sauce 2 tablespoons
small block of feta cheese
2 pickled pepperdews chopped in small bits
little bit of olive oil for frying

fry onion till see through
add bit of salt and pepper
fry chicken strips till brown with the onion
add sweet pepper fry but still has to be crispy
add sweet chilly sauce only till chicken is fully cooked
add chopped pepperdews
crumble feta cheese over warm food and stir

put some in the pancakes and roll up
throw rest of sauce and bits over pancakes

dinner is ready

this is very tasty and so easy to make :)