Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meat balls and baked potatoes

I noticed I bought lean mince but lamb mince , first time ever I bought that and did not realized it until I wanted to make mince balls today , I also took three potatoes which I rinced off and then cut in half with the skin  , sprinkled some Ina Paarman green onion spice over them as they are going in with the mince/ meat balls, I hope it is not going to come out fatty :)
strange cooking with lamb mince the first time ever . hope it comes out delicious 

Chopped large onion
pinch of thyme (dried)
handful chopped soup celery chopped coarse
handful fresh parsley chopped very fine
salt and pepper to taste
1teaspoon beef spices
half teaspoon mustard
mixed all together

add little bit olive oil at bottom of pan , roll potatoe face down in oil and put on roundness again with the cut part facing up skin at the bottom , put spices on

roll mincemeat balls in balls and press and roll in the little bit of olive oil
sprinkle a bit of paprika over

bake in the over until golden brown and delicious :)

I made some mushroom sauce to go with the meatballs , my husband loves it when I cook for him :) also made whole carrots with skin and all , just steamed it .


  1. it is very yummy :) I try to make whatever I have in the house , how are you doing ?