Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chicken with crumbs and veggies

I made chicken breasts crumbed in the oven till golden brown ,just a bit of egg white and crumbs from provitas that was crushed in a bag with a bit of beef spice in , black pepper and little bit of salt , you have to season your food otherwise it is bland , the chicken was fully cooked but awesomely moist and tasty inside, the yolk of the egg you can use the following day for an omelette or you can drink it in a smoothy with a banana and a spoon of peanutbutter . I made  zucchini that was steamed with a little bit of Edam cheese grated over them and put in the oven a little bit to melt , then made mushrooms with a bit of spice ontop of that with grated raw carrots and cabbage with a bit of cross and blackwell mayo that was mixed with a bit of sweetener and few spoons of milk . Husband said it was delicious .

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