Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vegetable lasagna

the end result was really very tasty , I did not use pasta at all, just vegetables, it was my own recipe so I figured because it was in layers I call it vegetable lasagna , I used potato slices instead of pasta sheets, so I guess it could work, I started by layering a layer of half boiled potatoes that was boiled in salt water and then topped with a layer of beans red sweet pepper , onion jullienne carrots and mushrooms , then I made white sauce with mozzarella cheese and then I grated a bit of cheddar cheese ontop and baked in the oven, Husband and Vincent our next door neighbor and friend said it was very nice :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


End result , might not look like much but it is so yummy :) no sauce , no mayo , just like that , healthy and tasty , next time I will do my other hamburger with the lettuce and all the trimmings :)
This is what the cooked meat patties look like , the onion really taste very good .
cut two tomatoes in slices :)
Omega 3 different grain and seed buns and grated sweetmilk cheese make an awesome hamburger
first you take some lean mince and then you put a teaspoon Ina Paarman beef spice and a pinch of salt and pepper in the  meat with chopped onions , the chopped onions makes the meat juicy and very tasty and less time and not so oily as onion rings that has been fried in oil . You then make a ball and make it flat in your hand like a meat patty , then you dust it with baking flour :) 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday pizza night

so , what to make for a hungry Theo bear on a friday night for dinner , Home made pizza with lots of pepperdew! that always makes a yummy combination. tomato puree at the bottom then a bit of Edam cheese , then on the bed of cheese some chicken breast and then a layer of sweet green pepper and then cherry tomatoes and then a bit of sweetmilk cheese and then a bit here and there sweet chilly sauce and then four or five cherry tomatoes cut in half and then topped with bits of sliced pepperdew , round about 10 minutes in the oven and 1 minute in microwave, voila ! dinner for the husband :) 

no fuss no trouble, I did not have one, made chicken and salad for myself :)
easy and pie !