Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vegetable lasagna

the end result was really very tasty , I did not use pasta at all, just vegetables, it was my own recipe so I figured because it was in layers I call it vegetable lasagna , I used potato slices instead of pasta sheets, so I guess it could work, I started by layering a layer of half boiled potatoes that was boiled in salt water and then topped with a layer of beans red sweet pepper , onion jullienne carrots and mushrooms , then I made white sauce with mozzarella cheese and then I grated a bit of cheddar cheese ontop and baked in the oven, Husband and Vincent our next door neighbor and friend said it was very nice :)


  1. got to try this ~
    loved the idea of the julienne of the veggies ~
    I also love how you photo shoot each stage making it easy to follow ~
    delicious Amelia ~ Hugs Lib