Sunday, November 6, 2011


End result , might not look like much but it is so yummy :) no sauce , no mayo , just like that , healthy and tasty , next time I will do my other hamburger with the lettuce and all the trimmings :)
This is what the cooked meat patties look like , the onion really taste very good .
cut two tomatoes in slices :)
Omega 3 different grain and seed buns and grated sweetmilk cheese make an awesome hamburger
first you take some lean mince and then you put a teaspoon Ina Paarman beef spice and a pinch of salt and pepper in the  meat with chopped onions , the chopped onions makes the meat juicy and very tasty and less time and not so oily as onion rings that has been fried in oil . You then make a ball and make it flat in your hand like a meat patty , then you dust it with baking flour :) 


  1. lovely Amelia ~ one of favorite Aunts used to make meatballs and put them in gravy, remember them being real tasty ~
    Yours Looked srummy x x
    will have to try
    and I adore fresh tomatoes