Sunday, February 21, 2016

poached eggs the easy way

 I saw a video on facebook this morning how to make poached eggs its yummy and I always make it the long method , this morning saw that you could do it with half a cup of cold water , 1 minute ten seconds in the microwave on high and let it stand for 20 seconds and voila perfection, i am so not doing it the long way anymore

and for my husband who wants a bit more cooked than runny egg yolk 
I left his in for one and half minute , I can not believe I did it all the time the long way x

Method : take half a cup of cold water out of tap 
break one eggyold in it , I took two cups , one egg per cup for my husband
then put in microwave for desired time , I tested that 2 minutes is still soft egg but fully cooked , 
it is really tasty 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

chicken tortilla wraps


Wraps Tortilla wraps or any wrap you like to use I use the wholegrain one 
leaks chopped in circles 
butter to fry it in 
grated carrot as much as you like , I use one carrot per person 
cross and blackwell lite mayonaise a teaspoon , if you like more , you can use more 
we count our calories that is why we do not use to much sauces , I use spice and sauce as little as i can due to the taste of food and it should be tasty and one should taste everything still 
salt and pepper to taste 
sweet chilly sauce one teaspoon but if you make more chicken obviously a bit more 
chicken breast 
Ina Paarman garlic pepper , buy yourself this as it is good to have in the house and it is nice on salads and everything 
grated cheese quarter cup per person 

this is an amazing recipe that I thought out today when I was making my husbands lunch , I buy these tortilla wraps the green packet , they do not have a lot of kalories and I take one chicken breast per two wraps , and one full carrot that is grated per two wraps , per person and then a full stick of leaks that has been cut into rings and fry that in a teaspoon of butter , with Ina Paarman spice the garlic pepper one , I love using that in food , then I chop fresh tomato and some grated cheese and fill the wrap and then one teaspoon of sweet chilly sauce and one teaspoon of mayonaise . it is really very very tasty , the carrot fried with the chicken  and leaks gives the chicken just this amazing taste . 

butternut soup

a lot of people make life very easy for themselves and get the already pealed butternut but because I get these at such a good price at Woolworth I tell you these are so amazing and the absolute satisfaction of cooking 
it is a mission to peel it though xx haha enjoy 

so here goes my recipe 

three big butternuts peeled 
pinch nutmeg 
quarter cup orange juice 
quarter orange peel 
feta cheese for garnish 
Ina paarman garlic pepper to taste 
teaspoon salt 
cup of double thick yogurt, yes it is much healthier than cream but if you prefer cream it is good 
three sticks of leaks cut into circles 
you can toast bread and cut it into blocks to make your own croutons , or buy woolies croutons , so so yummy xx it is a hearty thick soup and so so nommies , use the water you cooked the butternut in too 
you have to blend it with a blender to make it into a puree , it is really a very tasty soup, 

a friend put a pinch of curry in , Marika told me 
another friend add a pinch of ginger in , I will try that next time , thank you 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

steak and steamed veggies with fatfree noodles

tonights dinner was steak that was stirfried in a bit of olive oil with my own lemon preserve, it is rosemary and herb quarter lemons that was marinated in vinegar and a dash of peppercorns and garlic , I took half a quarter out , cut it in small pieces and fried in ,mmm was so good, veggies was just steamed and fat free noodles were steamed in the meats juices with a dash of water , mmm delicious !

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

my rainbow salad

this is for two people

one banana
quarter of a sweet green pepper , cut in the smallest of blocks you can
quarter of an onion chopped very finely

mix milk and sweetener together
50 ml of milk
one sweetener

pinch of salt
half a cup of corn , just steamed in water but have to be cooled down
10 cherry tomatoes chopped
pinch of pepper
one banana cut in thin slices
quarter of a cucumber in blocks
mix all together , you would not believe what an awesome salad this made

grillend chicken and rainbow salad

salad is raw jullienne carrot and beetroot and also cabbage , on a bed of baby spinach and then cherry tomato halved , then a dash of lemon juice with small drops of olive oil , whisk some salt and black pepper in and a dash of Ina Paarman's garlic pepper in too and then whisk to creamy salad dressing and pour over chicken and salad , absolutely yum

Saturday, September 13, 2014



240 g Koekmeel
230 g Botter
150 g Cheddar kaas

500g Spinasie
45 ml olie
250 g Spek
1 groot Ui
1 Knoffelhuisie
300 g Sampioene
Sout, peper en aromat
100 g Gerasperde cheddarkaas

3 Eiers
150g Korrelrige maaskaas
100 ml Melk
1 wiel Feta
Meng al die bestandele met ‘n voedselverwerker totdat dit ‘n deeg vorm. Gebruik dan ‘n koekpan met ‘n los boom en smeer die kante en die boom met die deeg. Laat staan in die yskas vir 15min.
Soteer die spek, uie, sampioene en knoffel in olie tot gaar. Kook die spinasie en voeg by die gaar spekmengsel. Laat dit vir 5min kook. Voeg al die speserye by. Skep mengsel eweredig in pan. Strooi gerasperde kaas oor.
Klits al die bolaag se bestandele behalwe die feta. Giet die mengsel oor die spinasie. Frimmel dan die feta kaas oor.
Bak vir sowat 40min in die oond by 180oC.
Bedien warm of koud saam met net ‘n lekker mengel slaai