Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dellies recipe :)

 Ingredients /Bestanddele: 2 cups of flour / 2 koppies koekmeel
 5 teaspoons of sugar /25ml suiker
 2 teaspoons of bakingpowder /10ml bakpoeier
 half teaspoon salt / 2ml sout
 2 eggs /2 eiers
 250 ml boiled water /250ml kookwater
 oil for frying /olie vir vlakbraai

sift all the dry ingredients g/ mix eggs and water together with a fork mix egg mix into dry take spoon fulls to the oil , fry both side till golden brown drain on kitchen towels make curry mince :)
 Sif droeĆ« bestanddele saam. Klits eiers en kookwater saam. Meng eiermengsel met meelmengsel. Skep lepelsvol in warm, vlak olie en braai tot goudbruin. Dreineer op kombuispapier. Bedien met maalvleis vulsel.

 curry mince

 Fry onion that was chopped in small blocks, add little bit garlic then two spoons of curry to taste , fry and then add blocks of potatoe and carrot circles and then add lean mince with a two spoons of worcestersauce and one tomato that is chopped without the skin , add two teaspoons chutney to taste mmm black pepper and salt , mmm nice

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Becky's mom in laws pie !

Filling - Combine 1 to 3 cups of cooked chicken; chopped up
 - 1 cup chicken stock -
1 can cream of chicken soup -
1 can cream of mushroom ( I used cream of celery as it is all I had on hand) and 3 hard boiled eggs; chopped and if you want some mixed vegetables. Pour into casserole dish.
TOPPING - 1 stick melted butter or margarine - 1 cup self-rising flour - 1 teaspoon baking powder and 1 cup milk. Pour over casserole (batter will be very thin) and bake at 350*F   180 degrees if you are in South Africa like me hehehe for 45 minutes. Topping will be crisp and golden brown when ready.

I am so making this , thank you Becky :)

her link to her youtube video where she is making this is :

and her wonderful blog is : go check it out , awesome !

Thursday, June 7, 2012

home made veggy patties and veggie soup

smash potato, parsley , spice and carrot and roll in battered egg and then flour and fry in olive oil till golden brown , remember to add spice and salt and pepper to taste to mashed veggies before hand , any veggies can be used, I use the veggies as natural as it comes, it makes it healthier

one beef block , broccoli , onion carrots , mealie kernels , beans and some soup mix which and lentils in and cook for a few hours and it makes an awesome minestrone soup, I sometimes even add green sweet pepper and other veggies too, it is really very tasty and so wholesome xxx yummy