Friday, January 27, 2012

chicken tikka pizza

 This is my own recipe that I thought out , You have to take two chicken breasts , take all the bones and skin off and then you have to make a special sauce and marinade the breasts in it for a while .
Two chicken breasts
bag of tomato puree
two teaspoons of garlic
one teaspoon of paprika paste
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
two spoons of Worcester sauce
one teaspoon normal curry powder
one teaspoon of gar-am salaam < my own special mix of spices and curry , with bay leaves , turmeric, cinnamon and five spice etc
half  teaspoon of brown sugar 
half spoon dry paprika , I also used Robertson wet paprika a teaspoon of that
mix all together and underneath this photo shows how dark the   chicken becomes and you will not believe it when you fry it , the chicken still stay most inside , and so tasty !

After it is cooked and cooled off a bit , take the kitchen scissors and cut chicken into strips

place the chicken on-top of the tomato pureed pizza base and then rings of sweet peppers and then rings of sweet bell peppers ,cut three cherry tomato's for the top , 180 degrees,  put in oven for 15 to 20 minutes and it is ready to eat, my husband said it was very yummy :)

home made pesto sauce

wash fresh basil leaves 

basil leaves, pine nuts , virgin olive oil , lemon juice , black pepper, pine nuts , garlic chopped fine , mix it all in the blender 

delicious and such a lovely color 
had boiled potato for lunch on Friday and then added some pesto sauce with it , mmm was so delicious , it is very nice with pasta 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

cottage pie / Sheppards pie

cook some potatoes and take skin off
have to make a nice saucy mince with lean mince, carrot , some potato blocks,peas , onion and some beef spices , remember to fry onions and meat first and then spices and then carrots etc                                  

add one teaspoon of butter in the mix and mash the potato and then take one eggyolk and mix in together with the potato, that's why it is so yellow , I got this tip from Gordon Ramsey , it bakes a lovely color .       


put the meat into an oven dish and cover the top with the potato smash 
Bake until golden brown and serve with tomato and onion salad

yogurt Avo salad

mix avocado and low fat yogurt together and then add tomato , baby spinach and cucumber and stuffed olives on top , mmmm you can eat this with chicken or with fish, the mixture of avo and low fat yogurt will be spiced with Ina paarman's lemon and black pepper

Omelettes for dinner This

This omelette I made for husband with stuffed veggies like mushroom yellow and red sweet pepper , fresh baby spinach , tomato and stuffed ollives and two kinds of cheese , one was cheddar and the other was a non fat one Edam cheese which is healthy for diabetics too , this is so healthy and wholesome due to the fact that he gets to eat a lot of veggies and it is tasty too :)
This omelette was with zucchini and sweet peppers and beans and mangetouts, carrot  and husband  loved it , I did not use a lot of cheese with this one :) it was only two eggs that made this huge omelette, the secret is to take one half shell and add a bit of water to the egg mix it makes it fluffy and light :) remember pinch of salt and white pepper :) 
Very easy healthy dish this , butternut just like that in a glassbowl, nothing on it gladwrap over the bowl, pinch small hole in and cook in the microwave on high ,no salt no sugar no water , it is totally delicious and healthy , the boiled potatoes that was infused with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice and then fresh parsley , lots of it , the one teaspoon of olive oil and fresh two pieces of garlic in a luke warm pan, roll potatoes in it , then make mince balls with onion and tomato with lean mince and you have a stunning easy peasy dinner :)

Birthday week pizza !

When I was away for a week on my birthday , husband was alone at home and I made him pizza's and froze it ,  he just had to pop in the oven , ready to eat , just ten minutes , I put it in Jiffy bag's and wrote the date on it as then we will know when I made it . easy as that :) simple !

grilled halloumi and feta and sweetmilk salad

this one I made for my husband for dinner , you only need a few blocks of sweetmilk and a half a ring of feta cheese , sweet peppers, chives out of our garden , and red onion , tomato lettuce and sundried tomato grated and a bit of lemon juice :)

grilled halloumi in a pan salad

This salad you can have anytime of the day , you can have it for lunch and dinner and even for breakfast if you like , you spray and cook a pan and dry fry the cheese till golden brown , the spice you see on top is dried cilantro and sun dried tomato with chives and red onion and sweet red pepper , you can even cut some tomato and lettuce with that , all depends on what you have in your fridge , this is quite filling :)

potato bake

you need 4 Eggs , one green sweet pepper , six or so boiled potatoes , a few sundried tomatoes , one big onion ,chedder cheese , low salt , pepper, olive oil and paprika , a packet of bacon and paprika to sprinkle over when you have it ready before the bake .

cut the onion in small pieces as well as the sweet peppers , then fry the onion and the sweet pepper together and then the bacon , then mix with the sun dried tomato which was cut into small slices ,  peel potatoes that was boiled before hand , take the muffin pan and spray with spray and cook , then slice a thin slice of potato and put at the bottom of the muffin pan , mix all ingredients with the eggs and the rest of the ingredients , plus pinch of salt and pepper , then add another slice of potato and then add a bit of he egg mixture with the sundried tomato and the egg,onion , sweetpepper and bacon , make it in layers , then till it is full take paprika and sprinkle ontop ,then bake till golden brown and the egg is cooked , serve with a mixed salad .

                                   This is what it looks like when it is finished baking in the oven

make a green to go along with the savoury potato bake ,this make an awesome treat for husband for the following day for work , then he can eat it with no hassle with his salad that he also will be taking along to work with him :) 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chicken pie for Granny's visit

Saute the onions in two teaspoons of olive oil after you cut them into small blocks

take the black mushrooms and cut them roughly into pieces and fry with the onion , the black mushrooms will color everything darker , remember the half teaspoon Ina Paarman beef spices 

two chicken breasts , bones and skin and fat removed
take the onion and mushrooms out and put in a separate bowl

fry the chicken in the pan with a bit of oil and another half teaspoon of Ina Paarman's beef spice, yes I know we are making chicken but beef spice has a small bit of cumin in it and it is so nice, add two teaspoons of milk with one spoon white onion soup powder , it makes the dish creamy 

Mix everything together 

add two carotts that has been sliced into strips , quarter cup of peas and half a cup of green beans , mix everything together 

take a pyrex oven bowl and rub the bottom and sides with butter

roll out the dough and cover the bowl's bottom and the sides, cut excess off 

Roll out another thin dough for the top piece , cover the whole bowl and push both dough parts together with a fork
Cut a cross right in the middle for the steam to come out

brush milk over the top

bake till golden brown

Granny has such lovely plates, I made a green salad with baby tomato and cucumber with the pie , they loved it :) 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

chicken salad /cold

This is such a tasty salad I love it , it has the strangest combination of ingredients but it is really very tasty
the ingredients is
Chicken breast or two , you have to cut off the fat , sometimes they have fat on and you have to cut all the skin off , this is not healthy if you have the skin on .

springonion or chives, in South Africa you get garlic chives too , I had these growing in our garden

a tin of weigh less peaches and you use only a few pieces the rest you can devide into four bags and freeze for next time salad .cut into rings :)I use this as it is in natural juice and no added sugar

a handfull of wal nuts

a table spoon of mayonaise

salt and pepper to throw over the chicken and then cut into long strips and fried in a bit of olive oil

screwy pasta , the screwy kind works the best ,

I used the three different kind of colors pasta, beetroot , spinach and plain , if you like you can put sweetpeppers in too , I did not in this recipe though but you can :)

big tip , chicken has to be cooled off a bit before put into the pasta which was cooked before hand , this eaten the following day is even more tasty than the day it was made :)

keep some chives /springonions to the side as some of it should be added to  the cooked chicken

it looks very neat if you cut the springonion/chives into the same circles and the peach pieces more chunky

the nuts should be kept a bit chunky also

mix all the ingredients and then put in a cool place
clean all the skin and fat off the chicken and then cut with your kitchen scissors into thin strips

very tasty !

porcini mushrooms I

I bought this porcini mushrooms at our housewives market in Woodlands , it was about 2km from our house in Pretoria , I went there one day with a R100-00 in  my pocket and came back with all the goodies to make and awesome salad for dinner , I never buy these as they are so expensive but this time I just thought this is going to be such a treat and I want to see what I can do with this , I washed them as they were a bit dusty or so it looked to me , I never wash mushrooms by the way but somewhat this day I felt like this , they were so pretty and huge, after I washed them I realized I had to dry them off fast . I cut them in strips and fried them in a bit of Olive oil , then dribbled some lemon juice and salt and black pepper on them .

I then grilled some halloumi cheese and took some lettuce broke it in pieces with my fingers , kinda chunky pieces and then roughly cut tomatoes and voila , the most tasty salad you can think of ... the porcini tasted like fillet steak, melt in your mouth , was really good I can recommend it :)