Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spagetti Bolognaise (Spagbol)

 My friend Ginny stone calls this (Spagbol) this one is for you girl !

500g lean minced meat
3 garlic pieces finely chopped
one or two onions grated 
fresh ginger chopped, 0ne teaspoon
1 teaspoon Ina paarman green onion spice
1 teaspoon Ina paarman beef spice
four huge tomato fresh ones with the skin peeled off , chopped finely
50ml of tomato puree
I use the bags
1spoon of roberston paprika spice wet or dry , I used the wet ones
a pinch of salt and pinch of pepper
half cup of water 125ml 

only the onion and the spices are going into the meat and then it should be rolled into small  balls
the rest should be fried in a bit of olive oil , which is the garlic, ginger , tomato , puree , half cup of water
the balls of meat should be put gently into the sauce , the stove on two /low
The secret is in the sauce , one should really try and use fresh ingredients to make your spagbol sauce , I do not like tin tomatoes , although I use tomato puree just to enhance the sauce :) and it is delicious .do not make the sauce with the tomato skins still on , it is really not tasty at all ...

chop the garlic fine and put in the tomato puree and the paprika paste and simmer
put a half cup water in and stir
make meat into little balls and put into the sauce

put the lid on and simmer , after five minutes put stove off and put lid back on , after another five minutes turn little balls around and simmer for another five minutes , the meat will be fully cooked then .

 tasty and not so much trouble remember to cook your pasta as you start rolling your balls . 
Enjoy , this is really very tasty !

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