Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chicken pie for Granny's visit

Saute the onions in two teaspoons of olive oil after you cut them into small blocks

take the black mushrooms and cut them roughly into pieces and fry with the onion , the black mushrooms will color everything darker , remember the half teaspoon Ina Paarman beef spices 

two chicken breasts , bones and skin and fat removed
take the onion and mushrooms out and put in a separate bowl

fry the chicken in the pan with a bit of oil and another half teaspoon of Ina Paarman's beef spice, yes I know we are making chicken but beef spice has a small bit of cumin in it and it is so nice, add two teaspoons of milk with one spoon white onion soup powder , it makes the dish creamy 

Mix everything together 

add two carotts that has been sliced into strips , quarter cup of peas and half a cup of green beans , mix everything together 

take a pyrex oven bowl and rub the bottom and sides with butter

roll out the dough and cover the bowl's bottom and the sides, cut excess off 

Roll out another thin dough for the top piece , cover the whole bowl and push both dough parts together with a fork
Cut a cross right in the middle for the steam to come out

brush milk over the top

bake till golden brown

Granny has such lovely plates, I made a green salad with baby tomato and cucumber with the pie , they loved it :) 


  1. Amelia, this sounds such a delish dish and it is such a good idea to use the blog to introduce a recipe, complete with photos and descriptions. Brilliant! It is perhaps unfortunate that this house is vegetarian, which means that, although I am not a full time vegetarian myself, I can't really cook it for my dedicated vege wife! It's still a great idea.

  2. I will just have to make more recipe's for the vegetarian's , what an awesome idea that is thank you John :)
    at times I eat mostly raw and love raw butternut, a great salad which is much tastier than carrot salad is butter nut greated finely, some orange juice and raisins and then chilled , it is very nice :)

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    1. thank you so much will go and check yours out too x