Thursday, January 12, 2012

porcini mushrooms I

I bought this porcini mushrooms at our housewives market in Woodlands , it was about 2km from our house in Pretoria , I went there one day with a R100-00 in  my pocket and came back with all the goodies to make and awesome salad for dinner , I never buy these as they are so expensive but this time I just thought this is going to be such a treat and I want to see what I can do with this , I washed them as they were a bit dusty or so it looked to me , I never wash mushrooms by the way but somewhat this day I felt like this , they were so pretty and huge, after I washed them I realized I had to dry them off fast . I cut them in strips and fried them in a bit of Olive oil , then dribbled some lemon juice and salt and black pepper on them .

I then grilled some halloumi cheese and took some lettuce broke it in pieces with my fingers , kinda chunky pieces and then roughly cut tomatoes and voila , the most tasty salad you can think of ... the porcini tasted like fillet steak, melt in your mouth , was really good I can recommend it :)