Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beef Strogganoff

This is my own version of beef strogganoff, you need half a kilo steak without the fat , I cut all the fat off , once I made beef strogganoff with a bit of fillet , but that was when meat was much cheaper than now, it was devine, if you want to go a bit healthier , you can even put in more veggies and little bit of beef, you can even put in chicken if you like for chicken strogganoff :) there are no rules in cooking as long as you keep on tasting and it taste good then you are a winner , this I made for us when we were still living in Pretoria , I took the photos with my phone and it came out quite nice , I loved my stove . 
This is quite a fast dish and it does not take so long , this is a shorter version of the one I usually make , this one is a one pot half hour dish which really does not neet a lot of preperation and time , this recipe is for the ones who get home after a long day at work and have all the ingredients and just fry and stir once and dish up :) 

Ingredients, one large onion , one large sweet pepper , in this case I used a yellow pepper as they looked so good, one punnet of button mushrooms , just wipe it off with  a clean kitchen cloth , I never wash my mushrooms , then half kilo or less minute steaks or normal steak, secret is that you cut it with your kitchen knife in thin strips , even the toughest meat makes this dish totally delicious , and then if you have a half a cup of red wine , and one and a half teaspoons of Ina paarman or some other chicken or beef spice , sometimes I use half and half as in this case , you first fry the onions but leave it in the pan and then the meat and then the sweet pepper and then the mushrooms and then mix spices in and a pinch of salt and black pepper and then the wine , simmer with a lid on and serve with Penne pasta or ever screws , they really make good pasta for this dish 
I also added a bit of green sweet pepper just before I dished up as I want some crunchyness in the dish , it is fast and really very tasty !

I use a quarter cup of milk at the end to make the sauce creamy , for the daring people they can either put some cream or plain yogurt in , it is really very tasty !

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