Friday, January 6, 2012

Honey what is for lunch ?

Honey what is for lunch ? and can you please make me something with chillies in it ...
that is what husband said to me this afternoon , he is not really one for chillies so I thought I make him something really nice which I made myself once as well, just without the toast underneath

two slices of toast
three huge eggs
salt and pepper
2 jalapeno chillies , I used the pickled ones
quarter cup grated Edam cheese <  diabetic healthy and not so fatty 
cut them into thin slices
a fresh tomato or two

Make scramble eggs with a spoon of butter and one half egg shell full of water, the water makes it fluffy , do not use milk as it makes the egg heavy
then scramble all together and just before it is cooked take pan off the stove and let it cook without it been on the stove, makes it soft and juicy but fully cooked

underneath two wholegrain slices of toasted bread
then the scramble egg
and Edam cheese
slices of tomato
and then circles of jalapeno on it , mmmm yummy :)

 I took the pips out for him of course :)

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