Wednesday, January 18, 2012

potato bake

you need 4 Eggs , one green sweet pepper , six or so boiled potatoes , a few sundried tomatoes , one big onion ,chedder cheese , low salt , pepper, olive oil and paprika , a packet of bacon and paprika to sprinkle over when you have it ready before the bake .

cut the onion in small pieces as well as the sweet peppers , then fry the onion and the sweet pepper together and then the bacon , then mix with the sun dried tomato which was cut into small slices ,  peel potatoes that was boiled before hand , take the muffin pan and spray with spray and cook , then slice a thin slice of potato and put at the bottom of the muffin pan , mix all ingredients with the eggs and the rest of the ingredients , plus pinch of salt and pepper , then add another slice of potato and then add a bit of he egg mixture with the sundried tomato and the egg,onion , sweetpepper and bacon , make it in layers , then till it is full take paprika and sprinkle ontop ,then bake till golden brown and the egg is cooked , serve with a mixed salad .

                                   This is what it looks like when it is finished baking in the oven

make a green to go along with the savoury potato bake ,this make an awesome treat for husband for the following day for work , then he can eat it with no hassle with his salad that he also will be taking along to work with him :) 

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