Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Omelettes for dinner This

This omelette I made for husband with stuffed veggies like mushroom yellow and red sweet pepper , fresh baby spinach , tomato and stuffed ollives and two kinds of cheese , one was cheddar and the other was a non fat one Edam cheese which is healthy for diabetics too , this is so healthy and wholesome due to the fact that he gets to eat a lot of veggies and it is tasty too :)
This omelette was with zucchini and sweet peppers and beans and mangetouts, carrot  and husband  loved it , I did not use a lot of cheese with this one :) it was only two eggs that made this huge omelette, the secret is to take one half shell and add a bit of water to the egg mix it makes it fluffy and light :) remember pinch of salt and white pepper :) 

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