Monday, January 9, 2012

spanich rice and meatballs

this meatballs was with a twist , I made it the same recipe than I always did but with a bit of a twist this time, I put one  teaspoon of tomato puree in also one tablespoon of sweet chilly sauce , it came out quite nice . I made spanish rice with it .

Now for the recipe and some photos of the Spanish rice 

cut onions , grate two carrots and cut half green sweet pepper and one tomato with the skin off chop fresh garlic so that you get one big heapfull teaspoon , fry it together and put one cup raw rice in

take one teaspoon and one cup of Ina Paarmans beef stock powder and pour slowly in 

Remember to put on the lid and let it simmer till the rice is cooked .
colorful and yummy
 Eat it with minceballs , it is really very tasty :)

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