Thursday, January 12, 2012

chicken salad /cold

This is such a tasty salad I love it , it has the strangest combination of ingredients but it is really very tasty
the ingredients is
Chicken breast or two , you have to cut off the fat , sometimes they have fat on and you have to cut all the skin off , this is not healthy if you have the skin on .

springonion or chives, in South Africa you get garlic chives too , I had these growing in our garden

a tin of weigh less peaches and you use only a few pieces the rest you can devide into four bags and freeze for next time salad .cut into rings :)I use this as it is in natural juice and no added sugar

a handfull of wal nuts

a table spoon of mayonaise

salt and pepper to throw over the chicken and then cut into long strips and fried in a bit of olive oil

screwy pasta , the screwy kind works the best ,

I used the three different kind of colors pasta, beetroot , spinach and plain , if you like you can put sweetpeppers in too , I did not in this recipe though but you can :)

big tip , chicken has to be cooled off a bit before put into the pasta which was cooked before hand , this eaten the following day is even more tasty than the day it was made :)

keep some chives /springonions to the side as some of it should be added to  the cooked chicken

it looks very neat if you cut the springonion/chives into the same circles and the peach pieces more chunky

the nuts should be kept a bit chunky also

mix all the ingredients and then put in a cool place
clean all the skin and fat off the chicken and then cut with your kitchen scissors into thin strips

very tasty !

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