Wednesday, April 22, 2015

steak and steamed veggies with fatfree noodles

tonights dinner was steak that was stirfried in a bit of olive oil with my own lemon preserve, it is rosemary and herb quarter lemons that was marinated in vinegar and a dash of peppercorns and garlic , I took half a quarter out , cut it in small pieces and fried in ,mmm was so good, veggies was just steamed and fat free noodles were steamed in the meats juices with a dash of water , mmm delicious !

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

my rainbow salad

this is for two people

one banana
quarter of a sweet green pepper , cut in the smallest of blocks you can
quarter of an onion chopped very finely

mix milk and sweetener together
50 ml of milk
one sweetener

pinch of salt
half a cup of corn , just steamed in water but have to be cooled down
10 cherry tomatoes chopped
pinch of pepper
one banana cut in thin slices
quarter of a cucumber in blocks
mix all together , you would not believe what an awesome salad this made

grillend chicken and rainbow salad

salad is raw jullienne carrot and beetroot and also cabbage , on a bed of baby spinach and then cherry tomato halved , then a dash of lemon juice with small drops of olive oil , whisk some salt and black pepper in and a dash of Ina Paarman's garlic pepper in too and then whisk to creamy salad dressing and pour over chicken and salad , absolutely yum