Friday, January 6, 2012

kassler rib stirfry with noodles

Firstly with a hungry meat eating husband , one has to be original in thinking , always have to think what I am making for dinner , so I cooked the pasta , let it rest and started with the veggies for the stirfry , all fresh of course , I left the carrot skin on as I felt it is healthier like that . I cut them in julienne kind of strips and one onion in rings and half of a sweet green pepper in long thin strips

a bit of olive oil for frying the veggies , first in went the onions till see through and golden and then the carrots and then the sweet peppers
I took some balsamic dried fruit and rooibos reduction amongst some balsamic vinegar to marinate the meat after I cut them into strips , and set it aside , I also cut some fresh carrots with the skin on in julienne strips , and took one onion and cut it in thin rings

the meat has fat on , I cut all the fat off as we do not eat the fat

I used honey and rooibos infused vinegar also , just a tad of it :)

then the meat is cut into strips and I added some  balsamic dried fruit and rooibos reduction for the marinade

after the onions has been fried I added the carrots and ontop of that the green sweetpepper, I switched the stove off and left it on the plate so that vegetables can be cooked , not stirred much but still a bit crispy 

Then I friend the meat till nicely cooked , it does look a bit burnt but isnt it is just the balsamic vinegar reduction that does that .

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