Tuesday, December 27, 2011

home made pies

I got some lamb stew meat from my mother in law that she sent along with my brother in law for us along with some vegetable and fruitcake etc for Christmas and I cooked the meat today with a bit of carrots and potatoes and onions with some chicken stock I made previously and it came out so nice , I cut out all the fat and then rolled out some dough , cut it out with a small saucer and then add the meat and fold closed and voila , cornish pie !

it was easy to just cut the circle with a saucer /smallish plate as it makes it a bit neater

then you add the meat in the middle along with some carrots and potato , fold close and do the edges with a fork as it prevents the filling from spilling out , make a whole ontop with a knife for steam to escape .

it looks like a huge calzone pizza hahaha

you have to then brush the tops with some milk as it browns it quite nicely like that :) I do not use egg on my pies .
I somehow want to save a bit of money :) and milk does the trick also .

The end result ! my husband enjoyed it very much , he had two for dinner ,the other two he will eat tomorrow , I did not had any , but did taste , was delicious !

from the rest of the dough I made peri peri cheese straws for him, just added peri peri and a bit of grated edam cheese, made in twirls and baked in the oven .


  1. ai nou is ek eers honger - lyk so maklik as jy dit doen - sal moet probeer.

    Kobus Steyn

    1. dit IS maklik :) ek dink dit lyk maklik omdat ek geniet wat ek doen , die lewe is te kort om dit nie te doen nie :) xx