Sunday, February 21, 2016

poached eggs the easy way

 I saw a video on facebook this morning how to make poached eggs its yummy and I always make it the long method , this morning saw that you could do it with half a cup of cold water , 1 minute ten seconds in the microwave on high and let it stand for 20 seconds and voila perfection, i am so not doing it the long way anymore

and for my husband who wants a bit more cooked than runny egg yolk 
I left his in for one and half minute , I can not believe I did it all the time the long way x

Method : take half a cup of cold water out of tap 
break one eggyold in it , I took two cups , one egg per cup for my husband
then put in microwave for desired time , I tested that 2 minutes is still soft egg but fully cooked , 
it is really tasty 

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