Wednesday, May 6, 2015

chicken tortilla wraps


Wraps Tortilla wraps or any wrap you like to use I use the wholegrain one 
leaks chopped in circles 
butter to fry it in 
grated carrot as much as you like , I use one carrot per person 
cross and blackwell lite mayonaise a teaspoon , if you like more , you can use more 
we count our calories that is why we do not use to much sauces , I use spice and sauce as little as i can due to the taste of food and it should be tasty and one should taste everything still 
salt and pepper to taste 
sweet chilly sauce one teaspoon but if you make more chicken obviously a bit more 
chicken breast 
Ina Paarman garlic pepper , buy yourself this as it is good to have in the house and it is nice on salads and everything 
grated cheese quarter cup per person 

this is an amazing recipe that I thought out today when I was making my husbands lunch , I buy these tortilla wraps the green packet , they do not have a lot of kalories and I take one chicken breast per two wraps , and one full carrot that is grated per two wraps , per person and then a full stick of leaks that has been cut into rings and fry that in a teaspoon of butter , with Ina Paarman spice the garlic pepper one , I love using that in food , then I chop fresh tomato and some grated cheese and fill the wrap and then one teaspoon of sweet chilly sauce and one teaspoon of mayonaise . it is really very very tasty , the carrot fried with the chicken  and leaks gives the chicken just this amazing taste . 

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