Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lasagna in the making ...

 I made lasagna when my friends were here from Pretoria and it is a very nice recipe as you use fresh ingredients ,which makes it so tasty , first I took two huge onions and fried them in two teaspoons of olive oil with a little bit of Himalayan pink sea salt , and top it with fresh peeled tomato after a while, skins taken off , I do NOT like tomato skin in food , never did , lots of fresh herb and garlic that is from my herb garden, here you can see clearly how much parsley I used , quite a lot and it is so yummy , then the lean beef mince , I take some Ina Paarman chicken stock and a spoon of been spices and a pinch of black pepper , the result the sauce .
 At this stage you taste the sauce and add two cups of water,add a bag of tomato paste , I do not use the tin ones , I use the small foil packets , I somehow do not like the small tins of tomato puree as it taste funny ... then simmer a bit , not for long as this is a quick recipe, does not take that long .
 Then get the bowl ready and lasagne sheets , I bought a nice one , it was not so expensive , and strangely enough this one is coming from Italy I think :) got this at our local grocery store . I love using the spinach one too, only once I got tomato pasta , it was pink, never found that one again.
Then I make the white sauce with butter , milk and flour and add  a bit of mozzarella to my white sauce , but not much , my recipe does not get cheese on top as I found it to be way oily and then I can not have a small piece . Layer all the ingredients and then last bit of sauce right on top .My husband loves my cooking !

 Layer ingredients and then layer with some more sauce on top, let it stand for an hour and bake in oven 180' degrees. It is quite lovely and very tasty ,even to eat cold the following day .
It is not fatty at all and very delicious , my parents in law love this to bits .
I always make a smallish green salad with cucumber , tomato and green sweet pepper on the side. 

thank you
bona petit !

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