Friday, September 2, 2011

pancakes with chicken breast etc

I got myself this adorable small pan to make my husband pancakes , I usually make him savory ones and they are so tasty .

This is what the pancakes look like  mmmmm

Recipe :

Make pancakes  after you make the filling

two chicken breasts that has been cut in strips
 green sweet pepper strips
onion chopped fine
sweet chilly sauce 2 tablespoons
small block of feta cheese
2 pickled pepperdews chopped in small bits
little bit of olive oil for frying

fry onion till see through
add bit of salt and pepper
fry chicken strips till brown with the onion
add sweet pepper fry but still has to be crispy
add sweet chilly sauce only till chicken is fully cooked
add chopped pepperdews
crumble feta cheese over warm food and stir

put some in the pancakes and roll up
throw rest of sauce and bits over pancakes

dinner is ready

this is very tasty and so easy to make :)

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