Thursday, September 22, 2011


Made my husband his own granola and then he eats it with plain yogurt, you need big glass bowl, and creamy peanut butter with no sugar added, and then cinnamon and then oats raw and honey , you then add two teaspoon of cinnamon , 6 spoons of peanut butter and then three cups of oats and half a cup of honey , roll it with your fingers till all sticky and oats are in balls, spread out in glass bowl and bake in the oven till golden brown, smell so good, let it cool off and then put in ziplock bag, some will still have little clumps of goodness, ready for husband to take to work tomorrow and eat with his yogurt . 
this is a very good recipe for Diabetics too , just be careful to use not a lot of honey , I used a bit more honey on my husband's granola , I love making these homemade goodness and it does not cost a lot !
I guess you can add nuts and raisins too for a more expensive granola but this is really good and healthy !

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