Thursday, September 15, 2011

lamb pie

 I made my husband some pies ,he loved these , made it easy for myself as I bought ready made puff pastry ,I took two lamb chops, cut off all the fat , cut in smallish blocks and fried it in olive oil with onions and carrots and green beans amongst a little bit of kernels of mealies  nearly the same as i would have made cottage pie , just with pastry on top instead of mashed potatoes and used lamb blocks of meat instead of mince , I guess you can make these with mincemeat too and with chicken and mushrooms, I used chicken and mushrooms before , they came out quite nice.

 I rolled out some dough and then put some ontop of the cute ramekin bowls and then brush a bit of milk over it to make it golden brown . Remember to cut a cross in the middle for the pie to breathe :)

My husband said it was delicious , just a bit difficult to eat out off the ramekin bowls.