Friday, August 31, 2012

mommy's tuna roll

sorry for the delay you guys, this is my mom in law's recipe and I did a video on youtube about this and me and my friend Rochelle Mezzano made it while we were facetiming and it was so much fun cooking and baking together , my mom in law which is my mom I love her with all my heart and she is the only mother I know now , I look up to her and I thank God each day for such a wonderful woman in my life, it is the first time ever that I see a mom in law treat her daugter in law like her own daughter, I also love that she calls me her sunshine child , it makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy inside, I also have the most awesome father in law, Pa Johann always makes me smile with his long text messages , love the way he writes in Afrikaans . anyway here is the recipe , sorry that I took so long to put this up , will upload the photos later though . Tuna roll first boil two eggs , you can make this in a double recipe too as it is nom nom tasty. Dough 500 ml flour , which is two cups flour 10 ml salt 5ml sugar, 10 ml baking powder   125g chedder cheese , I just took three quarter cup 125ml oil 125ml milk filling two boiled eggs chopped one tin tuna with water , I used the one in the oil and it also came out nice , throw out oil or water 15ml chopped onion salt and pepper to taste 30 ml mayonaise 180 degrees or 350 F for twenty minutes to golden brown :) sift the dry ingredients mix cheese with flour then mix oil and milk together and mix with the flour by taking a knife and cutting oil milk into the flour till dough form , do not overmix roll out and form longish square mix chopped egg tuna mayonaise and onion together with pinch of salt paste all of the ingredients in the middle of the tuna roll , fold close and then take a knife and make cuts into the pastry but not right through,take two egglifters and place into a baking tray that was buttered so that it does not stick to the pan , bake until golden brown , enjoy with tomato and letucce and onion salad and try it with ketchup or tomato sauce , eat hot or cold , it is very tasty .

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