Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Basil Pesto potatoes

This is so yummy I just had to share this recipe , nom nom potatoes

fresh basil pesto
if you do not know how to make this , please see my blog , recipe is on here too

par boil potatoes but do keep the skin on and slice in thin but not to thin slices , the skin is so much tastier in this recipe and it really is good for you and no mess no fuss .

then put them in a oven proof dish that was rubbed with butter

Add the pesto over the potatoes and then add the pesto sauce and then the parmesan and then the depitted olives and add little knobs of butter inbetween as well , salt and pepper to taste .

grate a little bit of fat free Edam cheese or any chedder over the top and then bake in the oven till it looks okay to eat 
this is when it comes out of the oven , oh my it was so yummy 

I made chicken breasts with it with a green salad , was so good and the onions is baby pickled onions which I just soaked in a bit of white vinegar and salt after I cut them into thin slices and circles , after a while they are so good with this plate of food as they taste just like pickled onions , oh my , tasty 

thank you for visiting my blog , I also want to thank my loving friend Teresa Goddard for being an inspiration for my cooking blog as well as she follows it to a tee , thank you my friend for your love and support always x

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