Monday, June 13, 2011

February 2011 :)

 Marinated this leg of lamb for my dad , he said before I move to Cape town from Pretoria I must make him a cooked meal like my mom used to make him before she died, I made him such nice food and he loved it , I was so happy to see him eating it, I stuff it with garlic and springonions , lemon juice rosemary black pepper and olive oil and marinated it for a while . then I cut two huge onions into thick slices and put the leg of lamb ontop of the onion, it should not touch the oven pan , that is the secret , then it bake juicy in the oven and does not burn, I rinced potatoes, left the skin on and put it in roast pan and then voila , see next photo :)

 My dad could not stop talking how great the food was , made me so so happy :)
 This was healthy burger with wholewheat bun I made for me and my husband , you cut lots of red and green pepper in the meat and it was so so tasty :)
 I made a brown cheese loaf, it came out quite nicely and was delicious :)
a healthier choice is when you use fry's vegetarian polony , it is quite nice , I do not eat the other kind .

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