Monday, June 13, 2011

food :) if you would like my recipe , please sent me a message I will gladly give you the recipe :)

I made shitake mushroom stirfry , it came out so delicious , with pepperdews and chopped spring onions and fat free noodles :)

 Always good to use fresh herbs in your food, dill and parsley mm
 I made chicken breast with salad , cooked veggies , the sauce was mustard with a dash of lemon juice , was so tasty , black pepper went a long so well with that .
 one can never go wrong with home made pizza , fry mushrooms first and cut the skin of fresh tomato , it is much tastier , fresh rosemary and stuffed olives with pimento is so tasty :)
I call this dish , spagbol, spagetti bolognaise for husband's lunch 

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