Thursday, October 27, 2011

October birthday dinner :)

the tip here is , it did not shrink much , is to seal the meat in a big pot first after you marinate it , here you can see the raw stage, did not shrink all that much :)
my husband bought me a flight ticket to go visit my dad in Pretoria , I had to make this for my birthday dinner , everyone had a great time , I flew back to Cape town the following day :) 
after you pushed it full of garlic you can marinate it for an afternoon in lemon juice rosemary and garlic slices and mrs balls chutney , yummy

Leg of lamb my dad bought , not a joke as this was round about R300-00 worth of leg and it was huge , I had to ask the guy to cut some fat off as I feel why should we pay for fat and not just the meat, I made it with the bone inside of the leg , my dad likes it that way , then got the rosemary ,mrs balls chutney and spices ready :) and lots of fresh garlic,rub with mrs balls garlic and then add lemon juice and rosemary and spices , beef spices will do :)
you must peel onion quite thick and let the leg of lamb rest on it while baking
first had to peel a lot of garlic to stuff the leg of lamb with , fresh garlic work the best :) yummy
sorry about being all back to front but this is what the dinner looked like when I cooked for my dad when I visited them the week of my birthday the 7th October 2011 just before I had to fly back to Cape town the following day .I made garlic potatoes with parsley and sweet pumpkin and green beans with onion and potato just the way the old boere tannies made it :) (kookkos)  and my famous mushrooms sauce :)
This was the leg of lamb when it got out of the oven , full of stuffed garlic , it was so juicy :)

One of  my dear friends that visited me on my birthday 

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  1. Going to HAVE to make this! looks absolutely fabulous!