Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chicken pie

1 today puff pastry roll , makes 6 huge pies

three chicken breasts no skin no bone :) , cut them in bite size pieces , and it makes it easier to fry .

one and a half teaspoon Ina Paar-man's lemon and Rosemary herbs
salt and pepper to taste
half teaspoon cake flour
garlic chopped one teaspoon
Ina Paar-man's beef stock , one teaspoon
one large carrot sliced in circles
table spoon olive oil
two smallish  potato cut in small blocks
one large onion cut in small blocks
one teaspoon paprika
one teaspoon beef spice
half cup water
quarter cup of milk to brush the pies before they go into the oven 

Roll out the dough , take biggish tea saucer and cut out pastry

fry onion and small blocks of potato and carrots that is thinly sliced and fry in olive oil 

after you have cut the chicken in bite-size pieces fry along with the carrots and onions adding  pepper and spices

add then the paprika, the paprika makes the chicken meat a nice rich color and the pie is not so dull then

fry till nice and golden and veggies and onions are nice and brown

I added a bit of pink salt as it is much nicer and tastier , and healthier

beef stock with chicken is so delicious , trust me with the rosemary and lime spice it compliments the chicken , add the water after that

look how yummylicious this look

the glass bowl has been rubbed with butter , dish up some in the one half of the circle of dough and then close

take a fork and press down so that the filling does not bake out , remember to make a whole with a knife on the top for steam to escape . brush milk all over the top to make it nice and brown and it wont bake to dry .

bake until nice and golden and ready to eat , husband said it was very very tasty , I made him a green salad with tomato with it .

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